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Born in Fort McMurray, Alberta and growing up in Vancouver, BC, I’ve has always been an observant individual. This has reflected into my works, having a strong attention to detail. In the last few years I’ve been to Europe and Asia, for both work and play, and to observe and absorb culture. It’s really interesting to see how a particular culture has a different solution to the same problem. I believe it is the different perspectives we all have that make us unique, and when working in a team everybody brings their perspective to the table and creates interesting idea generation.




Simon Fraser University – School of Interactive Arts + Technology
BSc. Interaction Design

Interaction Design is about ideas. It is about absorbing and gathering knowledge, synthesizing information, and seeing where you can apply it. By combining existing knowledge and new ideas we create new knowledge.

Having exposure in many different design fields, we are able to piece together the world that exists today, and anticipate the future. Working in a cohort-based system we work in teams often, and learn to delegate tasks and have productive brainstorming and work sessions.

With technology becoming more ubiquitous and more embedded within our lives, interaction designers aim to bridge that gap between technology and people.




Interaction Designer - 2009 - Present

Working on the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions, a suite of products that help businesses make decisions with data and analysis.

Defining the user needs and product requirements with design methodologies including usability testing, contextual inquiry, workshops, and interviews.

Collaborating with developers and product managers to design solutions through iterative process that create the best experience.


Research In Motion

Associate User Experience Designer - 2008

Working with both the Interaction Design and User Experience Design (UED) teams, my role was to improve existing BlackBerry smartphone applications, developing new concepts for future handsets. The UED worked with all departments, being the link between developers and end users. 


RF Productions

Designer - 2007 - 2009

As the design consultant for RF Productions, a group of small, talented individuals that create digital content, mainly video production.